Slide background the future of next Redefining Payments and the Internet of Things.
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Payment IoT Wearable
Integrated contactless payment capability Activity and HR monitoring Learn More
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Payment IoT Reader
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Intelligent Vending Payment & Management
QR code payment / Contactless NFC / eWallet Payments MDB VCCS VTS Protocols Supported Remote Monitoring and Inventory Alerts Learn More Slider Image
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Universal IoT Solution
Multi-node, Sensor and Gateway Support Cross Platform Compatible, Mobile Friendly Learn More Slider Image
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Retail POS Management
Point-of-Sales Management Platform Sales and Item Analysis Multi-site Concept Learn More Slider Image

STYL Solutions

We infuse FINTECH IoT into daily applications, creating smart and efficient environments that enhance the Quality of Life for all.

Core Strengths


We have a solid foundation in matters pertaining to payments (contactless, QR, online and more) with deep understanding of the latest market trends.

Internet of Things

We innovate through payment and IoT to create an eco-system that provides the best user journey. Our platforms provide ease in system deployment, data collection and data analytics.


We have the capability to build from existing modules or from scratch, in order to cater to your business requirements. Hardware and Software.

Solutions and Devices

Recent Projects

Smart Buddy

Together with POSB and NETS, over 35 schools have adopted POSB Smart Buddy, the world's first school cashless payment and savings programme.

Transit Payment IoT

STYL is developing the next generation transit payment device for use in transportation services.

Smart Payments

Our custom kiosk and innovative backend payment management platform help to improve the productivity of various agencies, eliminating manual processes and offering 24/7 services to their customers.

Smart Senior

Together with POSB and People's Association, the trial programme was launched to help educate seniors on cashless payment, with STYL infusing IoT elements to enrich the trial.

Our Clients