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Hawker Center Solution
Hawker Centre Management System
Empowering Hawker Centre Operators to distribute, collect and centralise the cleaning of dishes and returning of trays, enabling Store Operators to focus on what they do best.
Standardised hawker centre operating practices through a complete system solution that greatly improves business efficiency, convenience and cleanliness.
The centralised procurement and washing of crockeries allows Store Operators to not own any crockeries or do any washing, keeping the hawker centre cleaner as a whole to meet public hygiene standards of the National Environment Agency to safeguard public health.
Automatic Tray Return System (ATRS) powered with IoT Technology
Trays, crockeries and food waste are separated automatically inside a sorting station.
Computer Vision Technology ensures trays are sorted correctly into Halal and Non-Halal sections.
Special Handheld devices are used by Operators to facilitate daily operational inventory needs at onboarded hawker centres.
Order customised amounts and types of crockery, schedule when and how often stalls receive them.
Select specific Crockery Lists customised for each Hawker Centre.
Administrator access to Content Management System (CMS) via Web Portal
Comprehensive solution that consolidates, tracks and manages all data, inventory and personnel information.
Onboard relevant Hawker Centre Operators, Stall Owners, Trays and Crockeries
Keeps track of all the businesses in this system to help operators cater to their needs.
Customise Hawker Centre Crockery Lists
Manage and track Trays easily with product codes on them.
Order Trays and Crockeries using the POS handheld device.
Manage Tray and Crockery Data
Track Total Daily Orders and Tray Return Statistics
Calculate Rental Fees & Generate Reports
Our Future Vision
STYL is constantly working towards achieving end to end automation where the sorting, dishwashing and assembly of trays and crockeries are fully automated to optimise labour efficiency.