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Climate change affects the stability of weather systems, directly threatening the global food supply. As such, there is an urgent need to promote self-sufficiency and food security among Singaporeans. This is why STYL has developed Farmbox, a care-free food crop cultivation system based on hydroponics.

The aim is three-fold. Firstly, we aim to create a large-scale hydroponics/agritech platform that links up farmers and food producers with other entities in the supply chain, as well as with individual consumers.

Secondly, to provide a viable, complete food-growing solution that can be easily operated at home, or on location at restaurants, cafes and eateries. This not only beautifies the environment, but also promotes self-sufficiency and contributes to food security.
Thirdly, as a practical, insightful teaching tool that demonstrates clearly to students the importance of sustainability, and how fragile the food cycle can be.

At the heart of Farmbox lies engineered solutions and smart technology designed by STYL, unlocking the vast potential of sustainable solutions that will increasingly come to replace conventional means.

With Farmbox, everyone can enjoy food crops with higher nutrition, quality and yield - while increasing the resilience of Singapore’s food supply.
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