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To help ensure that our senior citizens do not get left behind as the nation hurtles towards full digitalisation, POSB launched Smart Senior, a pilot programme that combines the speed, safety and convenience of contactless payments with the health tracking and location monitoring capabilities.

Introduced at Yishun Riverwalk RC, Smart Senior saw participants given the new POSB NETS 2.0 ATM card designed for contactless payments at participating merchants. They were also provided with Smart Sleeve, a proprietary wearable device by STYL that performs as a fitness tracker, while also being a safe and convenient way to carry and use the NETS 2.0 card.
Besides empowering senior citizens with contactless payments, Smart Sleeve can also be synced and read at the accompanying Smart Kiosk, installed at the RC. Doing so allows seniors to compare their number of steps with their peers. They can also choose to notify their loved ones via SMS each time they check in at the RC.

Supported by STYL’s expertise in designing and building Smart Sleeve, Smart Kiosk and the administration portal for the system, the pilot was a resounding success. We saw active participation and increased engagement and RC visits by participating seniors.

We look forward to continuing the rollout of Smart Senior with POSB.
Curious about the possibilities of Smart Senior for your organization?