Solution: Edu-tech
Intelligent School
Complete Fintech and IoT Solutions in a School marketspace
Foundational financial and sustainability concepts made easy for young learners through mobile and IoT technology.
POSB SMART BUDDY is the World’s first in-school wearable savings and payments programme created in collaboration with POSB / NETS in 2017.
A contactless payment system built for schools, facilitates the teaching of young students how to save and spend wisely by helping them track their daily savings and spending habits digitally.
The Smart Buddy Solution is made up of several major components developed by STYL.
Our carefully crafted Smart Watch allows the user to insert a payment chip linked to their POSB / DBS bank account.
Students can make contactless payments at Smart Buddy Terminals installed in schools and over 100,000 NETS payment acceptance points across Singapore.
Reduces the physical exchange of cash.
Payment is deducted from the linked bank account.
Instantly check on remaining daily allowance via balance stations located within schools or from the Smart Buddy mobile app.
Navigate through the App with ease and access a wide range of features.
Parents can manage and monitor their child’s spending on the app and more.
Manage daily allowance limits in real time.
Monitor spending, savings and items purchased.
Security measures can disable the watch for any reason.
Monitor the child’s fitness, tracking steps taken and calories burned.
Shop for creative watch strap designs and more.
Join and engage with the online community of like-minded Parents.
Set and monitor saving goals.
Unspent allowance (savings) and the POSB Digital Smiley Stamps savings programme can be transferred to the parent or child’s bank account.
Never worry about overspending.
Increase and set daily allowance limits at any time.
iSchool (Content Management System)
Manage digital menus and items for sale.
STYL's iSchool Platform allows administrators and vendors to manage items, track and observe sales transactions data from the STYL POS devices used at the Smart Buddy installed schools.
Our School Subsidies System establishes uniform payment from students on the Financial Aid Scheme.
Students on the scheme enjoy the same convenience as their peers using Contactless Payments at the Smart Buddy POS terminals.
ORCA POS and BLUEFIN BF200 NFC Payment Device
Convenient, Efficient and Contactless Point of Sale (POS) solution for vendors.
Portable and lightweight, saves workspace with compact design.
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